Wonder Woman Incarnates a Righteous and Just Image in DC World, but here are the Top 10 Not So Proud Moments of Wonder Woman

These are some moments in the history of cinema and comedy where we were ashamed to be a fan of Wonder Woman.

We know that Superman is known as the Boy Scout of Washington who always does the right thing and always symbolizes hope and justice. Wonder Woman embodies such an image, but there are still actions she has committed shamelessly badly, to say the least.

But know that some of them are alternative terrestrial versions, and some are false, but it’s still something we as readers don’t like. Read on to find out.

10. The index: In a Justice League cartoon series, Wonder Woman fought with her teammates and lost to the Rock Legion. She was responsible for the deaths of Hockgirl and Superman, but she didn’t take responsibility. It ended with the provisional dissolution of the competition.

9. Fight for the love of Batman: Wonder Woman once fought Batman to defeat him… It’s a pity, because the Amazons have always been proud of feminism.

8. Destructive interception : Wonder Woman once slept with Superman, and because they were both supermen, it caused earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and cyclones that killed thousands of people. And Wonder Woman showed no guilt or remorse for that.

7. The ruthless squatting girl: It was thanks to Hawkgirl that the Tanagar invasion of the Justice League took place, but unlike the others, Wonder Woman did not forgive him and threw insults at him every time his paths crossed.

6. An affair with Aquaman: In Flashpoint Paradox, Wonder Woman was practically the villain who took over Britain. While it was evil, she did something embarrassing by having an affair with Aquaman, and when Mera found out, Wonder Woman beheaded her.


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5. A toy was almost killed in public: JL has no rules about killing, but when Toy almost killed Superman, Wonder Woman wanted to risk everything and kill him, but thanks to The Flash that didn’t happen. If that were true, the public would see the competition as cold-blooded killers.

4. Lasso of truth: In the story of injustice, she killed Huntries because she sided with Batman, threw a girl in his throat and broke his neck.

3. A totalitarian leader: In the Unlimited League, the League has become the lord of justice in the alternative universe. But unlike the others, Wonder Woman became a tyrant and enslaved mankind. She showed a sense of satisfaction when she almost killed Batman and Wonder Woman from the main universe.

2. Leaving mankind: After the loss of Steve Trevor, Wonder Woman banished himself from the movie world and stayed away from any kind of fight. Many crimes and vandalism, including World War II, could have been prevented if there had been intervention.

1. Murder of children: Also in Flashpoint she fought Captain Thunder (Shazam), who was a combination of Billy Batson and other children. By splitting them up, she killed Billy, which means she killed more children. It is a disgrace because the Amazons must never neglect their opponents after a victory.wonder woman 1984,wonder woman comic,wonder woman drawing easy,wonder woman sketch easy,wonder woman drawing full body,gal gadot,wonder woman sketch step by step,wonder woman logo