Why Derrius Guice is the key to the future of the Redskins offense


When Derrius Goose was selected by LSU Washington Redskins in the second round of 2018, his fall from the first-round design position raised the eyebrows and led to a discussion as to whether his off-field behavior was the cause of the fall.

While the Derrius Guys couldn’t get dressed until 2019 due to the ACL disruption in the 2018 preseason, the Derrius Guys fit very well into the Redskins’ attack plans and are perfectly suited for their attack time, as they can form a team with quarterback Duane Haskins and pin receiver Terry McLauren.

The Derrius Guys played five games in 2019, and even on his return, he had to face RB Adrian Peterson as a bell-writer while in the NFL.

However, since Derry Guys will be in perfect health by 2020, it still has to deal with a stable and full PB that is looking for carriers.

Besides Peterson and Derrius Goose, the team consists of Stanford artist Bryce Love (who also handled ACL cases), former Seahawks artist J.D. McKissic, former Tampa Bay Bukan, former Indianapolis Colts barber, former Indianapolis Colts’ Josh Ferguson and Memphis rookie Antonio Gibson. Although they will probably progress with three or four of these backs in the regular season, none of them are promised.

Derrius Guis is the one with the most evidence on the list, as his high status and pedigree should be the standard for this offence as it progresses. His consistency and longevity will be important factors in the success of the attack in Washington this season, but if he remains in good health he should be able to take Peterson’s starting position and be able to get back on top in the first week of the season.

Haskins and McLauren are both entering their third season in the league and have been able to make solid offensive contact. Although both were drafted in the same year after graduating from Ohio State University, their chemistry was already more advanced than that of most newcomers to the competition’s QB-WR combinations.

As usual, expectations for the Reds in Season 20 are low for the last five seasons or more, but this should be a factor in the accelerated development of the Reds on both sides of the ball, especially in the attack with Derrius Guis.

The Red Skins offensive line is a little broken as right guard Brandon Sherff and right winger Morgan Moses seem to be the only strong and active orienting starters Haskins can maintain this year, which is a disaster. Derrius’ geese can’t feel comfortable in this situation.

As Haskins is currently under the protection of projected starters Heron Christian Sr. in the left tackle and Wes Schweitzer in the left tackle and Chase Roller in the middle, this attack could focus on getting the ball out of Haskins’ hands early in the game rather than relying on the long-term development of natural trees and games to help increase Guice’s involvement.

In his five games last year, Derrius Guis scored nine goals, seven of which were captured for 79 yards and one of three touchdowns, including a long 45 yards touchdown. The catch yield of 77.8% is high enough to allow inversion, even if it takes place in a vacuum.

Derrius Guis has hands to be versatile, walk backwards, which can be a great compliment for what Peterson has given so far on this side, namely the strength of the back that starts to wear out and can no longer withstand 20+ when he touches it in every match, because he has to keep it fresh. And although Guis can’t immediately be restored to full strength in an attempt to increase his vulnerability, it’s in the team’s interest to make progress with him as leader when he jumps.

Haskins is 24, Derrius Guis 22, McLauren 23, which is the best age for this team to try to exploit promising players in their deals with newcomers. For the Redskins, their defense, which has recently been the subject of previous designs by Chase Young, Daron Payne, Jonathan Allen and Montez Sweet, among others, is in a pretty solid position, especially with the strong security of the New York Giants division rival Landon Collins, so the team must now try to maximize their current offensive lineup.

NFC East, or NFC Least as it is affectionately known, continues to give teams 8-8 and 7-9 hope of winning a division or sneaking into the post-season as the last wildcard team. While the Red Skins are still working as a franchise of less than 500 for the coming season, their chances of advancing in the league in the division depend heavily, if not completely, on the health of Derrius Gwice.

Ultimately, Derrius Guis will be considered a reciprocal player who has been accepted into the army, even though it took much longer than expected. The ability to give the game another option that can help external kilometers, provided that a solid game screen/receiver screen/splitter screen as a receiver helps to give this attack another element – and if it can’t, there are other options waiting in the wings to take its place.

Washington won’t be great this year either, as the first season under the new main coach Ron Rivera will help shape the future of the franchise and the direction it will take. For Derrius Goose, although he’s by no means a Christian McCaffrey, he can help in some ways to play this kind of role for Rivera and his crime; his role may be more like that which brought DeAngelo Williams to the Panther table. Peterson could play the role of Jonathan Stewart as a large back, which was mainly used between the shells.

Derrius Guys is the best fugitive on a list based solely on the ceiling and potential talent – it remains to be seen if he recognizes and realizes this, but his ability to move forward will determine the success of the Redskins’ attack in the future.

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