UFC 249: Nathaniel Wood unveils predictions, including Ferguson-Gaethje

Nathaniel Wood presented his UFC 249 projections.

Nathaniel Wood presented his UFC-249 prediction (Photo: Getty/Metro)

In fact, I’m more looking forward to the title fight than to the first seminal match between Henry Sezhudo and Dominic Cruz, than to the main event of UFC 249.

In my opinion, you have one of the best people who have done this in welterweight since the beginning of this sport against a new champion who is a phenomenal athlete. To me it’s very much like the old school versus the new school.

I’m just curious how Cruz is doing, because like I said, if he comes and beats Sedudo, how can you not say he’s one of the best fighters in the world, book by book?

Very few people can go away for a few years, come back and win the title, twice.

It would be great to be able to fight Dominic himself, maybe even a little further. Cruz and Uriya Faber were two guys I remember, and they were always at the top of the division.

To me they are legends of the sport, and it would be crazy if one day I could face them. But unfortunately for him, I’d have to knock him out!

UFC 249 card (Photo: BT Sport)

Ferguson versus Gethet

I think Tony here is gonna win. He is the best of the two and I really hope he will win, because I really want Habib Nurmagomedov to fight for the lightweight title. I think Habib versus Ferguson has been cancelled about five times, and if Tony loses, I think that means we’ll never see him. I think he’s earned it. He risked a lot against Gatha and a lot of people were just waiting for the title fight.

Don’t get me wrong, Gatha is a very hard and damn good fighter, but I think Tony just has much better skills. He would probably also be a little better prepared, because his training and practice camp would be a much more intensive preparation for Habib. He’s certainly more experienced. I think this could be a pretty easy night for him.

Sedo vs Cruz

Henry Sedo versus Dominic Cruz face to face.

Ceyudo defends his title in the weight of the first half against Cruz (photo: Getty).

I really hope Cruz wins, I’ve been a big fan of him since the WEC and I remember seeing him before he started training and competing on his own. I don’t know if he can defeat Seh Yudo because he has been gone for so long and no one knows in what form he will be.

When he beat T.J. Dillashaw in 2016, he had a few years off. So, if he can do the same and beat Sedo after a long time, that makes him one of the biggest kilos per kilo and the best person to ever step over an octagon.

There are certainly people who deserve a chance at the title, Peter Jan and Alidjamin Sterling are two guys who deserve to be there, but given the current situation, I think it’s difficult for the UFC to put events with fighters from all over the world in strict isolation. They have done their best to satisfy the fans of the show and although people are queuing up, it is a very exciting fight. It’s one of the best bananas against the best of the new fighter breed right now, so I’m happy about that and I’ll be prepared for it.

Ngann v Rosenstruijk

Francis Ngannu and Giarzinho Rosenstruik met for their battle in the MTSP.

Ngannou is a favourite against Rose bush (Photo: Getty)

I think it’ll definitely be a masterstroke for one of these guys! I’m going with Francis, he’s an absolute monster, and I don’t want to sit in an octagon with him. I think he can handle it, but I don’t think you can count the heavyweights. If I had to predict the round, I’d go for the second knockout round.

Stevens vs. calico

Stevens has been here a long time. He’s very capable and dangerous. I think he can cause a lot of trouble for Kattar and he’s always looking for bonuses after the fight, so I’m going to support him in this. He always fights, which means he can keep an open mind, but I think if he fights back and keeps his chin down (unlike me against John Dodson not so long ago!), he will win.

Pettis vs. Cerron 2

Donald Serrone meets Anthony Pettis for the UFC fight.

Petters and Serrone fought in 2013 (Photo: Getty).

To be honest, I’m surprised it’s for the fight. It’s crazy, it just shows how good the map is. I think Pettis can handle it, but I’m not sure, and it hasn’t been that long since Serron fought McGregor. I have the feeling that Serrone has reached a point in his career where he will either come and win or just crash, there is no connection between the two. I’m thinking about Pettis, but don’t count County Cowboy.

Hardy v. The Castro

I’m going with Greg Hardy. I don’t know much about De Castro, but I’ve seen Greg Hardy in action several times and was impressed. As always with the heavyweights it can only be a draw, because both guys can get that knockout at any time.

UFC®249 watch: FERGUSON vs GAETHY this Saturday live on UFC FIGHT PASS from 23h30 BST and then on BT SPORT 1 from 01h00 BST.

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