The Seattle Seahawks ranked 5 worst free agent signings of all time.


Overall, the Seattle Seahawks have been very successful since they started as a franchise, but like all other teams, they have had a lot of terrible free agent signatures. There were a lot of signatures of free agents who gave them away and a lot of money, which obviously didn’t work. Let’s look at the five worst free agent signatures in Seacocks’ history.

5. Mike Williams

Mike Williams had many successes in his only season at USC under Pete Carroll, but his time at the Seacocks didn’t go well either. Williams didn’t play football for two years when Carroll hired him as team leader in his first year. In his first game with the team he intercepted four passes for 64 yards, but from then on everything seemed to fall apart. In his second season with the team he broke his leg and ended the year with only 18 strikes at 236 meters and a touchdown. Later he was fired from Sihoki and never played with Sihoki again.

4. Eddie Lacey

Eddie Lacey was an excellent runner in the Alabama Red Tide. He started his career with the Green Bay Packers, where he played well, but sometimes also had weight problems. The Seacocks have brought Eddie Lacey as a starting candidate for the 2017 season. It was a one-year contract, so the risk was low, but it frustrated his production for the man they really counted on. Lacey played nine games, started only three, ran 69 times for 179 yards and had no touchdowns. He was a healthy scratch in several games, and after one season, he never saw the NFL field again.

3. Torpedo rooms

Nate Odoms was a remarkable cornerback for the Buffalo Beals and played an important role in the team with four Super Bowls. Sihouki hoped to win the star player for his defense by giving him a $2.2 million signing bonus to sign him for the beginning of the 1994 season. The Odom injured their knee during a basketball game with a pickup truck and never found the field for the Seacocks. After two seasons with the Seahawks, he moved to the Falcons of Atlanta for a season before hanging up his boots for good.  He was a good player for the Sokolovs in one season, which makes the basketball injury even more disappointing.

2. Sydney Figure

Sydney Rice had a good season with the Minnesota Vikings, but the Seahawks considered the five year, $41 million contract still worth it. The rice continued to fight the wounds of the sailor hawks, and eventually the money was wasted. In his second year at the Seahawks there were 748 reception yards, but he completed the other two seasons within 500 metres. After the 2013 season, the Seahawks will let him go. At the beginning of 2014 he signed a one-year contract with Sihouki, but already after a few months he decided to hang up his boots for good.

1. Matt Flynn

Is there really any doubt about the worst free agent in Seahawk’s history? Flynn had a good game in the NFL when he played for Aaron Rogers in the 16th minute. Week for the Green Bay Packers. The Seacocks saw enough in that game to give him the keys to the quarterback’s room. Flynn was awarded a three-year contract worth over $20 million. The Seahawks also attracted a man named Russell Wilson, who competed with Flynn for the position. In the end, Wilson won the game away from the camp, and everything else is history. The Seahawks could really use that 20 million dollars somewhere else, but at that moment I thought it was the right thing to do.

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