Remembering the Best Animated Roles of Fred Willard

The entertainment world became a little less funny on Saturday when the world heard of the death of comedian Fred Willard. Willard, who was 86 years old, died on Friday the 15th. Mei, a natural death. His death was confirmed by his daughter, who shared on Twitter that the actor had died peacefully. Willard was a prolific actor known for his roles in various film and television projects, including The Modern Family, Everybody loves Raymond, Best in Show, Anchorman and many others. In a career that lasted for more than 60 years, including his role in the film Pixar, he was the only actor who played live.

But while many people know him for his live acting roles, Willard has also had a long acting career with a voice that has imitated countless cartoon characters on both the big and small screen. His loans include the Transformers: Animated, G.I. Joe: The Renegades, Kim Probably, Dexter’s lab, the Simpsons, the House of Beasts and more.

When we remember Willard, we remember his best animated roles, roles that span multiple genres and leave a rich legacy of laughter. Learn more about some of Willard’s best animation roles.

Photo by Randy Shropshire / Getty Images for BritWeek

Kim Possibly Jack Hench

(Photo: Disney)

Willard’s Jack Hench, a little villain from the famous Disney cartoon series Kim Possible, was the boss of the Hench Co. But I didn’t think I was a bad guy. Jack had no sinister plans, but his work served a very specific and exclusive clientele: real bad guys with evil plans and plans to conquer the world. Because Kim is more of an opponent than a villain, he probably prefers nothing to do with Jack, even if he helps him, which he considers a great blessing.

Batman – Ross Darren

As a secondary character in two episodes of the Batman cartoon series, first broadcast on the WB children’s channel and then on an animation channel in the early 2000s, Willard was featured with the voice of businessman Ross Darren, who captured Claumaster in the Q&A episode. Later he appears in an episode of RPM as a racist storyteller in Gotham City.

The dark adventures of Billy and Mandy – Boogie Man

(Photo: Cartoon Network)

One of the cartoon characters Willard played with several times in various projects, ranging from television to movies and video games, was Boogey Man from The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy. Boogie Villard was an old enemy of Grima since high school, and played a lot of tricks on Grima. Boogie himself, Boogie served Grima as a rival in the art of frightening people, although he didn’t exactly succeed, which upset Boogie. Willard sings the character in two episodes of Billy and Mandy’s Dark Adventures, the TV movie Billy and Mandy’s Big Adventure and the 2006 video game Billy and Mandy’s Dark Adventures.

TripTank – multiple characters

(Photo: Comedy Center)

Although Willard played no specific role, she was also part of TripTank, an adult animated sketch about black satire, which was broadcast for two seasons in Comedy Central from 2014 to 2016. While working on the series, Willard introduced characters such as Father Andrew, Boss, Antiques, Father dressed as a punk, Ron in the Bath and 911 Beller, as well as other impressive singers from the series, including Wayne Brady, Bob Odenkirk, Carlos Alaszraki, Kumayla Nangiani and many others.

Scooby-Doo! The legend of the Fantosaurus – Mr Hubley

2011, Scooby-Doo DVD Live! The legend of the ghostwriter, Willard told a lifeguard L. Hubley, who, not being a villain, contributes to the subtleties of the film, hypnotizing Shaggy so that he became fearless and unrestrained to hear the evil in the world … and later accidentally makes the whole gang look like Shaggy.

Aircraft: Fire and Rescue Services – Minister of the Interior

emergency fire fighter (Photo: Disney)

Disney Cars Sequel 2013, planes: The Fire and Rescue Department represented Willard as Home Secretary, a green four-wheel drive vehicle with a roof rack. The film also includes another recently deceased entertainment legend, Jerry Stiller. Stiller, who played in a van called Harvey, left on the 11th. Mei.

Small change G.I.: Renegades – Mayor Locktridge

Willard played Mayor Lockridge for G.I. Joe: Episode of Renegade – The Firefight. The series, which followed a group of young Joes on the run after a horribly failed spy mission, was broadcast for a season on The Hub and then on Netflix.

Transformers: Animated – Fraud

animated transformers (Photo: Cartoon Network)

In transformers: The animated voice of Willard Swindle, a fervent and manipulative arms dealer from the Decepticon. As a member of Team Combaticon, he eventually defeated Bumblebee and was last seen in the series when he felt he was in an escape pod. The series worked on the animation network for two seasons, from 2007 to 2009.