R.I.P. ‘Child’s Play’ was co-writer and sequel director John J. Lafia.

Happy news this weekend when the Lafia family announced the death of John J. Jones. Lafia, co-author of the first children’s game and director of the sequel, is considered by many to be the best franchise game.

It is with great sadness that we announce this on Wednesday the 29th. April, John J. J., a loving father, film and television writer, director, producer and musician, has passed away.

Born in 1957, Lafia influenced the experimental music scene in Los Angeles in the 1980s before starting a successful film career.

The Lafia went to UCLA. His first feature film was The Blue Iguana (1988), which he wrote, directed and soundtracked. It was played by Curtis Bloe, the protagonist of Dylan McDermott, and included actors such as Bloch, Jessica Harper, Pamela Gidley and James Russo. The Blue Leeuweeuw was presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 1988.

Lafia was co-writer of the screenplay of the North American horror film No. 1 Child’s play (1988).

What many people don’t know is that John invented the name Chucky and contributed to the classic film line: Hi, I’m Chucky. Wanna play?

Lafia continued to direct the children’s game 2 (1990) and then Best Friend in a new line cinema (1993), which he wrote and directed. Other notable professional achievements include several episodes of television series such as Babylon 5, The Dead Zone, Dark Justice and TV movies such as Rats, Chameleon 3 : Dark angel, monster, firestorm: Last update in Yellowstone and code 1114 for Paramount, Fox, A&E, CBS and UPN.

In the mid-1990s, Lafia also produced the video game Dead Body Killer (Digital Pictures/Sega live-action) and the interactive film Bombmeister for Sony/Interfilm. These first two works combined computer technology with real-time images and digital graphics to immerse the audience in an interactive world.

In 2012 Lafia released his own exciting project, a musical drama entitled La ballade de Frank et Cora. He wrote, directed, shot and edited the film and co-produced the soundtrack with musician Bill Jones. The film stars the singers Lafia and Michel René and Irena Costa and Tobias Gelinec. It was his last movie. Keep an eye on his last job here.

The creator of the children’s game Don Mancini made the following statement:

Destroyed by this message. John was an important member of Chucky’s family from the beginning. Together with director Tom Holland and myself he wrote the original script for the children’s game, and John directed the children’s game 2, a favourite of Chucky fans. John was an incredibly generous artist. He allowed me to accompany him to every meeting and to accompany him on the film set; during the shooting of this film he taught me more about cinema than a few semesters at the film school. John was also one of the most naturally curious and creative people I’ve ever met, someone who always took photos and recorded ideas. A great love for Beverly and John’s children, Kane and Tess, of whom he was so proud.

This bloody disgust sends our thoughts and prayers to John’s surviving family and friends.