Kim Kardashian West Attacks Taylor Swift In Epic Twitter Rant After The ‘Famous’ Conversation Between Kanye West And The Singer Leaked

Kim Kardashian West tweeted where she had an epic conversation about Taylor Swift and her ongoing feud.

In a series of tweets, Kanye called West’s wife, Taylor, a liar who pretends to be the victim instead of focusing on those suffering during the coronavirus pandemic.

The reality TV star decided to beat Taylor a few days after a recent leaked and unprocessed phone call between Country/Pop Road and Kanya in which he didn’t tell her he had used the word b*tch in the controversial song Celebrity.

Kim said she had never edited a film or sound recording released in 2016.

She wrote: @taylorswift13 has decided to go back to the old exchange – which is very selfish at the moment, given the suffering of millions of real victims who now need to be mourned. A few days ago I didn’t feel the need to make a comment, and I’m actually very embarrassed to do so now. But because she keeps talking about it, I feel like I have no choice but to answer because she’s actually lying.

The statement above is a lie because Kim was caught hitting Taylor on his favorite remarks.

Taylor made a statement calling on her fans to make donations and help people affected by the virus.

She added later: A few days ago I had no need to comment, and I’m really ashamed of it now, but now that she keeps talking about it, I feel like I have no choice but to react because she’s really lying.

She kept talking: For the record, the only question I’ve ever had in this situation is that Taylor lied through his publicist explaining that. Kanye never called to ask permission… You spoke clearly, so I showed it all to you. No one has ever denied that the word b*tch was used without their permission.

I’m a publicist, Taylor, and here’s my official statement. Besides, when you remove parts, that’s machining.

P.S. Who pissed you off about the leak in this video?

– Tree Paine (@treepaine) 24. March 2020

The mother of four shares: By the time they spoke, the song was not yet fully written, but as anyone can see on the video, she manipulated the truth of her real conversation in her performance when her team told her she refused and warned her not to release the song with such a strong misogynistic message.

She was going to explain: The lie was never about the word b*tch, and it was always about whether or not there had been a conversation and the tone of the conversation. I’ve never edited the footage (another lie) – I just posted a few clips on Snapchat to express my point of view, and the recently released full video doesn’t change the story.

Kim kept defending Kanye and said… It should be added that Kanye, as an artist, has the right to document her journey and musical process, as she did recently in her documentary film. Kanye had documented the making of all his albums for a personal archive, but he didn’t publish any of them, and the conversation between them would have been personal or lost if she hadn’t lied and forced me to protect him.

She concluded with a conclusion: This is the last time I talk about it, because frankly, nobody cares. I’m sorry to bother you with this. I know you’re all doing more serious and important things.


Many fans protect Taylor and call Kim and Kanye liars.


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