Jarrett Stidham is “Better Tua Tagovailoa,” says Chris Simms


FOXBORO, MA– 29. AUGUST: Jarrett Stidham, No. 4 for Team New England Patriot, runs with the ball in a preseason game against the New York City Giants at Jacket Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts, 29. August 2019. (Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Pictures)

Until Jarrett Stidham takes the field again and leads the New England Patriots in the late season, there will inevitably be questions about his ability to succeed for Tom Brady.

How will Steadham play against the Eastern AFC? Well, one of the KB experts has already said that Stidham can offer more on the football field than the KB franchise of one of the patriots.

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According to Chris Simms, Jarrett Stidham has more talent than Tua Tagovayloa.

Former NFL QB analyst and current analyst Chris Simms pointed out that Stidham ranks 35th among the current quarterbacks in the league. Well, if that statement was taken as an insult to the young quarterback of the Patriot, then Simms’ last statement about Stidham was kind of a bull’s-eye.

Ordway, Merloney and Fowria, Sims were asked why he put Stidham in front of the dolphins from Tua Tagovayloa to Miami, he said:

Stidham is more talented than Tua, Simms said. Tua is the creation of Alabama. Don’t you think Jarrett Stidham, or like Justin Herbert, would set the world on fire if they had to play four first rounds and two first rounds?

It’s a hard blow for Tagovayloa, but it’s hard to dispute Simms’ attitude. Again, that’s what you could say about any Buy More in college football. Some days I think I can throw 250 yards a game against Alabama. Tagovayloa’s talent, with whom he played, is undeniable, but can he be punished for his happiness?

He seems to be proving something to his critics, not Stidham.

Still, it’s not like Simms revealed he’d never heard of Stidham. He has long been credited with excellent physical instruments. Although he’s not an exceptional runner, he’s not immobile. His real talent to buy more is tied to the strength of his hands. Apparently, he can throw it all over the field. Before joining the NFL, analyst Daniel told Jeremiah to Stidham:

I was very impressed after seeing him a few weeks ago at Camp Elite 11. The 21-year-old player is very careful in his fast game and shows that he is able to change the speed of the ball. He really managed to throw a deep ball out of the game and he uses the width of the field well to give the boys enough space to run under the ball. Stidham is also very effective in the movement. He squeezes his shoulders and shows that he can push the ball under his defenders. His athletics are a great asset for running.

On the contrary, the strength of Tagovayloas’ hand has always been one of his weaknesses in the game. Tim Deeks of Medium wrote this after a thorough analysis of this year’s harvest of quarterback recruits.

Of all the quarterback prospects I’ve analyzed recently, Tua’s hand is the weakest. That doesn’t mean he can’t throw it deep – look at every Bama game he’s ever played and you’ll see him throw a nice ball deep. His hand is more problematic in games, both on the street and in deeper loops.

Hand strength is not the ultimate when it comes to Buy More, but the Steadham base is excellent. Patriots taking dolphins on the first floor. Week of the 2020 season.