Unlock the Secrets to a Long and Healthy Life with Mario Sequeira’s New Book

Goa (India), June 1: Popular Goan entrepreneur and health advocate Mario Sequeira is thrilled to announce the release of his latest book, “A Road Map to Longevity: Debunking Myths About Healthy Living,” published by India’s leading publishing house, OM Publishers. Priced at Rs. 395, this enlightening book is now available for purchase both online and at offline bookstores, promising to revolutionize how readers approach their health and longevity.

“A Road Map to Longevity” combines personal experience, rigorous research, and practical advice to empower readers to take control of their health. With help from research work by Noble Laureattes and acclaimed scientists, Sequeira challenges common misconceptions about diets, exercise, and aging, providing a comprehensive framework for achieving a long, healthy, and fulfilling life.

“I believe that understanding the true principles of health and longevity can transform lives. ‘A Road Map to Longevity’ is my way of sharing the knowledge and insights I’ve gained through my personal journey and research, aiming to empower readers to achieve a vibrant, fulfilling life,” says Sequeira.

Sequeira’s book offers deeply personal insights alongside scientifically-backed strategies. His journey began with a poignant wake-up call—his father’s battle with cancer and his own struggle with severe weight and health issues. Determined to change his life, he embarked on a path of research and discovery, which led to the principles he now shares in his book.

Mario Sequeira emphasizes that true health encompasses more than just weight loss, advocating for a holistic approach that balances exercise, nutrition, and mental well-being while continuing to live a normal life of entertaing and being entertained. His book offers practical steps to integrate these elements into everyday life, making sustainable health accessible to all. Drawing an analogy to a sophisticated supercomputer, Sequeira highlights the human body’s remarkable self-repair mechanisms and intricate systems, arguing that with proper maintenance, our bodies can achieve prolonged vitality.

In “A Road Map to Longevity,” Sequeira debunks several widespread myths, such as the belief that all calories are equal and that aging is an inevitable decline. He provides compelling evidence to show that the quality of food is crucial and that aging can be managed through informed lifestyle choices. Furthermore, Sequeira asserts that achieving longevity does not require giving up life’s pleasures. Instead, he advocates for making informed choices and gradual changes that enhance well-being without feeling deprived.

The book has received glowing endorsements from experts and readers alike. Dr. Prasanna Shah, MD, DNB, Consultant Gastroenterologist, at Jaslok and Breach Candy hospital, Mumbai praises it as “packed with wisdom that will help extend your healthspan and lifespan.” Bhavna Harchandrai, Celebrity Fitness Trainer, calls it “a must-read for anyone seeking to unlock the secrets to a longer, healthier, and vibrant life.” Senior endocrinologist Dr. Neuman Correia calls it “…a thouroughly researched and extremely informative masterpiece…”Dr. Balesh Jindal, Bestselling Author and Senior Physician, commends the book for evoking “a tremendous zeal for a healthy life” and guiding readers through medical research, philosophical quotes, and personal examples.

Mario Sequeira is a versatile entrepreneur with a deep passion for health and longevity. He manages various resorts, wineries, and real estate businesses, and offers coaching and training through creative and design thinking programs. Sequeira’s dedication to understanding human health has made him a respected voice in the wellness community. His previous bestseller, “Killing Me Softly,” explored the negative impacts of modern lifestyle choices.

In addition to his writing, Sequeira coaches’ entrepreneurs, sharing his experience of reviving his company from near collapse to remarkable success. He is also working on a new book detailing this journey, offering valuable insights for aspiring business leaders.

“A Road Map to Longevity: Debunking Myths About Healthy Living” is available at leading bookstores and online platforms. For more information about the book and Mario Sequeira’s work, visit https://www.mariosequeira.org/

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