Human BioSciences Raises Awareness on Burn Injuries and Life-Saving Solutions

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India] May 30: Human BioSciences (HBS) is on a mission to increase awareness about burn injuries and introduce life-saving solutions to the public. In recent times, India has witnessed a concerning rise in burn cases, with over 7 million new burn injuries reported annually in 2024, resulting in approximately 140,000 deaths each year. This alarming trend highlights the critical need for immediate, effective care.

The Indian government, along with various non-governmental organizations, has been striving to improve burn care infrastructure, but there remains a significant gap in public awareness and access to advanced treatment options. HBS is dedicated to bridging this gap by educating communities about burn prevention and providing innovative medical products that can significantly improve patient outcomes.

Burn injuries can occur in various situations, from household accidents to workplace incidents and even during traditional ceremonies. Regardless of the cause, it’s essential to prioritize safety and seek prompt medical attention. The National Burn Centre in Mumbai advises individuals to assess safety first, use cool water to extinguish flames, and refrain from removing stuck clothes, instead covering the burn with a clean cloth and seeking medical help immediately.

Traditionally, gauze-based products have been used to treat burns, but these methods have shown limitations, often prolonging healing and increasing the risk of infection. In response, HBS introduces collagen-based dressings as a superior alternative for managing burn injuries.

Dr. Rohan Jain, President of Human BioSciences, Inc., highlights the effectiveness of collagen-based products in treating burn patients and emphasizing significant improvements in wound management and outcomes. HBS collagen particles and sheets are applied after cleansing the burn area, absorbing drainage, stopping bleeding, and providing a soothing barrier over the injury. These products can be used alongside antiseptics and antibacterial agents, as well as under compression garments to prevent contractures.

Collagen dressings offer versatile solutions for burn care, whether as the primary treatment for minor burns or as part of a comprehensive approach for larger injuries requiring surgical intervention and skin grafts. With their ability to reduce the need for frequent dressing changes and overall care time and cost, collagen-based dressings represent a significant advancement in burn care technology and the art and science of wound management.

Together, let’s raise awareness about burn injuries and empower individuals with life-saving solutions from Human BioSciences.

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Human BioSciences Inc. is dedicated to leading the way in advanced wound care to improve patient results and save lives. Established by Dr. Manoj Jain in 1990, HBS remains at the forefront of innovation, constantly creating state-of-the-art products to meet the changing requirements of patients and healthcare providers globally. Their range of products, such as SkinTemp® II Collagen Sheets, Medifil® II Collagen Particles, and Collatek® Collagen Gel, is designed to offer effective solutions for wound healing. With operational centers in the USA and India, HBS continues to innovate and distribute its products worldwide.

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