On the Art of Capturing Moments in Verse, A Conversation with Ritika Mody

New Delhi [India], April 30: Ritika Mody, a name synonymous with spoken word poetry, poignant verses, and the art of weaving narratives, invites us into her world – a world where fleeting moments are captured in the tapestry of language. Today, we delve into the creative process of this multifaceted artist, exploring the essence of transforming lived experiences into captivating verses.

The Spark Within: The Genesis of a Poem

For Ritika, inspiration ignites in the ordinary. A fleeting glance across a crowded street, the rustle of leaves in the autumn wind, a shared laugh with a loved one – these seemingly mundane moments become the fertile ground from which her poems bloom.

“I believe poetry is everywhere,” she explains, her voice brimming with an infectious enthusiasm. “It’s in the way light dances on a puddle, the unspoken emotions in a stranger’s eyes, and the bittersweet ache of nostalgia. My role is to pick up these fragments, these whispers of life, and amplify them into something tangible, something that resonates with the human experience.”

From Observation to Verse: The Craft of Capturing Moments

The journey from witnessing a moment to translating it into verse is a meticulous dance between observation, introspection, and the meticulous selection of words.

“There’s a certain mindfulness involved,” Ritika reveals. “It’s about being present in the moment, truly absorbing its essence. Then comes the introspection – how does this moment make me feel? What story does it hold? Finally, I meticulously choose words that paint a vivid picture, evoke emotions, and capture the essence of the experience.”

The Power of Vulnerability: The Resonance of Shared Experiences

Ritika’s poetry finds its strength in its vulnerability. She doesn’t shy away from exploring the complexities of human emotions, the joys and sorrows, the triumphs and heartbreaks. This raw honesty allows her work to transcend the personal and connect with a universal audience.

“Poetry, for me, is a bridge,” she says. “It allows me to share my experiences, my vulnerabilities, in a way that resonates with others. When someone tells me a poem touched them, that it mirrored their own feelings, it’s incredibly validating. It shows that the human experience, in all its diversity, has a unifying thread.”

Spoken Word: The Art of Breathing Life into Verse

Ritika’s artistry extends beyond the written word. A captivating spoken word performer, she breathes life into her poems, transforming them into multi-sensory experiences.

“Spoken word allows me to connect with an audience on a deeper level,” she explains, her eyes lighting up. “The rhythm, the inflection, the movement – it all adds another dimension to the poem. It’s about creating a space where the audience cannot just hear the words, but feel them.”

A Legacy of Words: The Impact of Captured Moments

Ritika’s work serves as a testament to the power of capturing moments in verse. It’s a reminder that the everyday holds immense beauty and significance, waiting to be explored and shared.

“I hope my poems leave a lasting impression,” she reflects. “Perhaps they’ll inspire someone to see the world with fresh eyes, to appreciate the beauty in the ordinary. Maybe they’ll even encourage someone to pick up a pen and capture their own moments in verse.”

A Final Note: A Call to Create

Ritika’s journey is an invitation for all of us. To pause, to observe, to find poetry in the everyday. As she concludes, “The world is brimming with stories waiting to be told. Don’t be afraid to pick up a pen, to find your voice, and capture the moments that move you. After all, every verse has the potential to become a legacy.”

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