Havells, betting big on Innovation and Make in India Vision

Launches India’s first designer Lloyd air conditioner range. India’s Fastest Ice Making Refrigerator with Rapid Cool Technology which makes ice within 29 minutes. New top load range of washing machine – Novante, Google QLED TV in large screen sizes – 85 & 100 inch with Far Field Technology

Image Captions: (Left) Mr Alok Tickoo, Executive Vice President, Lloyd. Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Executive Director, Havells India. Mr Rajesh Rathi, Executive Vice President, Lloyd & (Right) Mr Yogesh Bandal, COO, Lloyd (2)

New Delhi (India) March 20: Lloyd, a leading consumer durables brand from Havells India, announced its vision today to bolster its ‘Make in India’ strategy by launching its industry-first designer Lloyd Stellar & Stylus air conditioner range, , alongside industry-leading refrigerators equipped with Rapid Cool Technology capable of producing ice in just 29 minutes. Additionally, Lloyd introduced its latest Novante Fully Automatic Washing Machines and expanded its Google QLED TV lineup to include new 85-inch and 100-inch models, featuring advanced far-field technology.

This industry-leading move underscores the brand’s dedication to innovation, research and development in its product offerings, securing its position as one of the top air-conditioning manufacturing companies in India. By extending its manufacturing operations beyond the Ghiloth facility, which produces air conditioners and washing machines, the company has recently launched a new air conditioner manufacturing plant in Sri City. This facility boasts an annual production capacity of 1 million air conditioners, thereby increasing the company’s total annual production capacity to 2 million units. This strategic move is poised to solidify Lloyd’s position in the AC manufacturing sector significantly.

With its expanded manufacturing capabilities, Lloyd is set to offer more than 120 models of air conditioners, underlining its commitment to strengthening its foothold in the domestic consumer durables market. The brand is also making significant strides on the international front, exporting its world-class air conditioners to 30 countries. This strategic expansion not only highlights Lloyd’s dedication to quality and innovation, but also its growing influence in the global market. 

The introduction of the Stellar & Stylus series caters to the nuanced preferences of discerning Indian consumers, who have begun to view their homes as extensions of their identity and a medium for social expression. There’s a noticeable shift towards investing more in home aesthetics, with more consumers desiring to infuse their living spaces with both cutting-edge technology as well as superior design. This evolution in consumer behavior illuminates a burgeoning demand for designer air conditioners that not only complement the interior decor but also deliver a top-notch cooling performance. 

Addressing the occasion, Mr. Yogesh Kumar Gupta, Executive Director, Havells India Limited said, “Today Havells India proudly announces a landmark achievement in our journey, underscoring our unwavering commitment to the ‘Make in India’ initiative. We are thrilled to introduce our robust product lineup for 2024, featuring advanced Air Conditioners, Washing Machines, Televisions, and Refrigerators.

This launch is not just about expanding our product line; it’s a testament to our dedication to innovation, technology, and empowering the Indian manufacturing ecosystem. Our new manufacturing facility in Sri City is another step towards achieving self-reliance and strengthening our leadership in the AC market, ensuring that we continue to deliver world class quality products and value to our customers”.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Alok Tickoo, Executive Vice President, Lloyd, said, “We are delighted to launch India’s first designer Stellar & Stylus air conditioner range, showcasing our relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. These premium air conditioners epitomize our vision of blending style with functionality, offering consumers the ability to personalize their living spaces while enjoying superior cooling technology.

Our focus on R&D and manufacturing capabilities has allowed us to introduce features like mood lighting, changeable facia, and air purification, making our ACs stand out with industry first features in the market. This is a step forward in our mission to be a consumer-centric brand that prioritizes innovation, quality, and sustainability in every product that we bring to the market”.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Rajesh Rathi, Executive Vice President, Lloyd, said, “We are thrilled to launch our latest innovations that truly set a new standard in the industry. We’ve launched India’s fastest ice-making refrigerator, a marvel that delivers ice in just 29 minutes, showcasing our commitment to efficiency and excellence. Our Novante series washing machines introduce the industry-first 5D Ultra Wash technology, ensuring superior fabric care and cleanliness.

Additionally, our expanded QLED Google TV lineup now includes breathtaking 85-inch and 100-inch models, integrating advanced far-field technology for an unparalleled hands-free viewing experience. These pioneering features underscore Lloyd’s dedication to bringing cutting-edge technology and convenience to our customers, reinforcing our leadership in the consumer durables market”. 

Stellar & Stylus Air conditioner 

Stellar air conditioner by Lloyd is a marvel of modern technology, artfully blending unparalleled cooling efficiency with aesthetic elegance. Its design captivates at the first glance, promising to enhance any room’s ambience while simultaneously delivering an exceptional cooling performance.

Stellar sets itself apart with its innovative ambi-Lighting, changing colours based on room temperature, thus enhancing the user experience and ambiance. Unique in every way Stellar also o­ffers mood lighting in which you can simply change the colour of Ambi-Lighting to the colour of your mood, using the Havells Sync App to amplify the beauty of the room with just a tap on one’s phone. 

Additionally, it features a built-in air purifier to ensure that the air you breathe is as refreshing as a mountain breeze. 

Safety features like high CO2 and open-door alerts provide a certain peace of mind, 

6-in-1 expandable feature guarantees comfort in the hottest conditions 

Stellar’s premium remote, designed for extra comfort with the “I-Feel” feature, allows the AC to adjust cooling based on the temperature around the remote, offering a personalized comfort experience

Stylus Air Conditioner

Stylus air conditioner from Lloyd, branded as India’s first Designer AC, brings innovation to both form and functionality

This smart AC offers an editable fascia, which allows you to customize the appearance of your unit to match your home’s decor, with options like grey, turquoise, and wood patterns. 

Lloyd consistently boasts a powerful performance that can cool even at high temperatures of 52 °C.

The AC is fitted with a combination of HEPA and activated carbon filters, targeting both particulate matter and microbes to deliver clean and healthy air. 

It also includes a smart 4-way swing for precise air distribution, a low gas detection system for maintenance alerts, and an installation check feature to ensure proper setup. 

Safety features like open-door alerts add an extra layer of security to its operation. 

It’s available in 1.0 and 1.5 ton capacities, with energy-efficient star ratings of 5 and 3, making it a versatile choice for different room sizes and energy consumption preferences. 

Lloyd Refrigerator

Lloyd introduces India’s fastest ice-making refrigerator, a technological marvel that delivers ice in a groundbreaking 29 minutes. 

Available in a range of capacities, including 188L, 216L, and 240L

Equipped with a patented high-performance evaporator, enhanced PUF insulation, and a quartz-coated alloy ice tray, ensuring efficiency and durability

Novante Lloyd washing machine

Lloyd proudly introduces the Novante series, the epitome of fabric care and cleaning prowess. Designed to tackle all stains with its innovative 5D Ultra Wash technology.

Equipped with a Dual Spray Jet and Duo Power Pulsator, it ensures a thorough and gentle cleaning. 

The Hexamax Drum’s unique design complements the Dynamic Waterfall effect for efficient wash cycles. 

Novante is a testament to convenience and innovation, featuring an Intelli Inverter Motor and an In-built Heater, which deliver optimal performance with every wash.

This smart appliance, with IoT capabilities and a multitude of programs, is tailored to remove up to 75 types of stains, promising a pristine laundry experience.


Lloyd is excited to unveil the latest marvel in home entertainment, the Lloyd QLED Google TV range.

Designed for an unmatched interactive experience, this cutting-edge series boasts an exquisite QLED display, ensuring vibrant visuals and unparalleled clarity. Enhanced with the latest Far Field technology, the TV allows hands-free operation with Google Assistant, no voice remote required. 

Offering a spectrum of sizes from 43″ to the expansive 100″, and equipped with Dolby Vision & Atmos

Lloyd TVs promise a cinematic audio-visual journey in the comfort of your living room. The 60W audio output on the 100″ model envelops the viewer in a blanket of acoustic precision, setting a new standard for immersion and convenience in the realm of television technology.

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