Singer Shaan launched music of Gauraiya Live

Gauraiya Live: A Musical Journey Inspired by Harsh Realities

Image Caption- Music launch of Gauraiya Live

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India] March 18: In recent years, incidents of children falling into open bore wells near construction sites have seen a significant rise in our country. According to research, every year, over two thousand children in India fall into such open bore wells, with a low rate of survival. Shedding light on this heart-wrenching reality, young director Gabriel Vats has crafted the film Gauraiya Live, set to release on March 29th.

The music launch of this film was held in grandeur at Sahara Star Hotel in Mumbai, graced by the presence of renowned Bollywood singer Shaan, lyricist and actress Seema Saini, music composer Sanjoy Bose, actor Vinay Jha, and actor Narendra Khatri, among others. The songs of the film, including Mati Mati Re and Jhumri Talaiya, were well-received by all present, alongside an impactful teaser that garnered attention.

Shaan remarked during the music launch that the film’s subject is based on a true incident where a 10-year-old girl named Gauraiya falls into a bore well. Such incidents are profoundly tragic, as recently highlighted by news of another child trapped in a bore well, unfortunately not rescued. Gauraiya’s struggle for survival in that bore well for 30 hours depicts the ordeal faced by such children. The anguish of her parents and the turmoil within the child’s mind are portrayed vividly.

Though the story is intense, Shaan noted the presence of several excellent situational songs in the film. The narrative is set in Bhopal, known as the city of Raja Bhoj, and begins with the voice of Raja Bhoj himself, adding to the authenticity of the setting. Seema Saini’s penned lyrics and some compositions by Bose added depth to the storytelling.

Produced under the banners of Fair Films and T and Poetry Films, the survival drama boasts a talented cast, including Ada Singh, Onkar Das Manikpuri, Seema Saini, Pankaj Jha, and Shagufta Ali in prominent roles, alongside Ganesh Singh, Balram Ojha, Narendra Khatri, and Alok Chatterjee. Omkar Das Manikpuri, famous for Peepli Live, portrays the role of Gauraiya’s father, a labourer.

Producer Rahul Rangare, along with Dr. Nishant Jain, Rohit Raj Singh Chauhan, and Rajeev Jain, highlighted the film’s unique aspect: it was shot in just 8 days, with all songs composed post-shoot. Omkar Das Manikpuri’s portrayal of a labourer working on a construction site resonates with the film’s central theme. The film sheds light on the plight of these workers, often overlooked despite their significant contributions to building towering structures.

Seema Saini, the film’s writer, lyricist, music composer, actress, and co-producer, emphasized the challenges faced during the swift 8-day shoot under tough conditions. She emphasized the importance of addressing the dire situations faced by laborers and their families, often living near construction sites with open bore wells, posing threats to children’s lives.

Young filmmaker Gabriel Vats highlighted that Gauraiya Live, based on the backdrop of Bhopal, narrates the story of Gauraiya, daughter of a labourer named Ram Pal, who falls into a bore well. He expressed gratitude to all producers and actors whose support made the film possible.

With Seema Saini, Gabriel Vats, Rishabh Kuraiya, Rohit Singh Thakur, and Gaurav Bagga as co-producers, and with the duo of Sanjoy Bose and Seema Saini delivering the soul-stirring music, Gauraiya Live promises to be a compelling cinematic experience, shedding light on pressing societal issues.

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