A buzzing opportunity for all those who have a flair for writing and are passionate about it

Pune: The food writing genre focuses on food and on the written works of chefs, historians, food critics, and journalists. Food writing is not just fictional writing, and so to help food enthusiasts learn all the tips and tricks, The Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management and The Food Bloggers Association of India is conducting a workshop on the 18th of March at the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management.

Author, Columnist, Editor, and Guru of creative writing, Gouri Dange, will be conducting the workshop, which is going to offer a variety of writing skills for seasoned chefs and writers as well as people who are new to the genre of food writing. This will be a four-hour workshop covering a vast area of food-related writing, including fiction and non-fiction, followed by a series of writing exercises.

“Food writing is a creative writing space that includes columns, reviews, cookbooks, and shows and needs finesse. This four-hour workshop organized by Lexicon IHM and The FBAI will not only help food and writing enthusiasts learn all the tips and tricks of food writing but also help them identify their areas of expertise when it comes to the umbrella of food writing,” says Mr. Sagar Chitre, Principal, Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management.

The workshop will also include an enhanced understanding of different genres that is best suited for each individual’s own area of interest and would help them in working on the right tone, food vocabulary, and creative approach to write a variety of projects. The workshop participants will also qualify for a longer and amplified workshop, which will help take their own personal or professional writing projects ahead.

“Food writing is an art form that requires a deep understanding of the food itself and the cultural and historical contexts surrounding it. This workshop by The Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management and The FBAI is an excellent platform for aspiring food writers to learn from experts and gain practical knowledge that they can apply to their own writing,” says Mr. Sameer Malkani, Founder of The Food Bloggers Association of India.

The initiative by The Lexicon IHM Atelier X and The FBAI Creators Studio is an amazing learning playground. It’s a place where culinary creativity is unleashed, and the possibilities are endless.

The workshop is open to ages 18 to 80 and will offer a toolkit for generating food-writing ideas and turning them into masterpieces. Food writing is a vast and expanding field, ranging from food blogs, vlogs, podcasts, cooking shows, cookbooks, writing for food companies, products, and services, restaurant reviews, or even bringing out family and community reviews. If someone loves food and has a thing for writing, this workshop can be a helpful event towards learning to write about food and can make one an accomplished writer.