April 18, 2024
33% of millennials prefer clothing and accessories that reflect spirituality, religion and culture: Prabhubhakti Report

33% of millennials prefer clothing and accessories that reflect spirituality, religion and culture: Prabhubhakti Report

Feb 9, 2023

The growth of D2C brands in the spiritual fashion segment bridges the accessibility gap for customers to purchase retreats of their cultural interests. 

Spirituality is a new desire. Not only swanky cars but expensive bags or accessories are also being flaunted – GenZ and millennials are inclining towards spiritual glamour to quench their thirst. This generation’s new aspiration is to express their faith in God and spirituality. To demonstrate a deep connection with spirituality, this generation is not staying behind in wearing the things where their thoughts revolve. 

On the other hand, D2C brands in the spiritual market are witnessing an uptick trend. Considering the market landscape, Prabhu Bhakti – one of the fastest-growing D2C brands in the spiritual market, has recently surveyed to understand the shifting desire of GenZ and millennials to follow culture and religion. 

According to the survey, 33% of millennials between 25 and 34 years of age prefer clothes and accessories related to spirituality. There is a paradigm shift in the approach of this age group that seems to be choosing religious products for practising yoga, meditation, prayer, etc. In addition, they choose merchandise and apparel that reflect spirituality than attending an organized congregation. 

Commenting on the shift in the market scenario, Samast Ahlawat, Founder of Prabhu Bhakti, said, “The sudden escalation in spiritual and religious products among millennials is highly driven by the change in culture. People are exploring new ways to find peace, and considering their age, they find tranquillity in spiritual retreats.”

Spirituality is open-ended. Today’s youth like to include their thoughts and expressions towards religion in their fashion than going to the temple every day. The survey reveals – 26.8% of GenZ between 18 and 24 years of age lead the online shopping trends in spiritual and religious fashion trends. Being recognized as the most happening generation born with the internet and smartphones, their ideologies and way of following a culture differs and is represented by their interest in spiritual mantra wall hangings, original religious items like rudraksha, Feng Shui decorative pieces and many others.

The survey also highlights 17.9% of GenX and older millennials’ interest in spiritual fashion. Unlike GenZ and young millennials, the generation aged between 35 and 44 years choose products that demonstrate their belief in manifestations and rituals. This generation is further followed by Baby Boomers and GenX at 8% and 4%, respectively, embracing cultural retreats. 

Given the market interest, several D2C brands are integrating product design into seamless formats with a mix of religion and culture. The unorganized sector is gradually turning into a billion-dollar market opportunity with customer interests in expressing their thoughts distinctively. 

About Prabhubhakti

Prabhubhakti is the fastest-growing D2C brand in the spiritual market. If one needs to purchase religious items online, there isn’t any single or reliable brand available in the market where customers can put their trust in. Prabhu Bhakti endeavours to democratize the unorganized market, which is highly dominated by offline sellers and local shops that do not cater to the dynamic needs of youth with spiritual and religious interests. Prabhu Bhakti aims to create an online devotional community of like-minded people with an e-commerce platform.