The film follows Narendra Modi’s successful journey from his humble beginnings to becoming India’s Prime Minister

Gujarat: Recounting the story of one of India’s foremost leaders – Sabbir Qureshi’s “EK NAYA SAVERA”, brings the audience to the inspirational tale of Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The film follows Narendra Modi’s successful journey from humble beginnings to becoming India’s Prime Minister and a visionary politician. The film was produced by Dr. Bu Abdullah and directed by Sabbir Qureshi.

The movie’s trailer will be out soon; sources are telling us running time—1 hour, 13 minutes, and 23 seconds—highlights PM Modi’s transformation while also hinting at some of his captivating real-life events. Director Sabbir Qureshi devoted six months to researching and learning the little-known life story of the steward leader.

Speaking on the trailer’s release, Director Sabbir Qureshi said, “I have immense admiration and respect for our Prime Minister, and it’s an honour to be able to share his story with the rest of the world through cinema. Since Prime Minister Modi has successfully established and proven himself since childhood, we produced this film in his honour to strongly motivate and inspire our valuable future generation’s development, particularly children. The film especially covers and integrates our cultural values, discipline, and genetic traits of Indian identity, and we also intend to take the film to an international level.”

Producer Dr. Bu Abdullah added, “EK NAYA SAVERA” is one of my most ambitious projects, and it brings me great joy to bring this unsung hero to the big screen. Also, I believe that not everyone knows PM Modi’s true personality. The previously unseen and untold aspects of his charisma inspired us to tell his story and hopefully inspire others.”

In the movie, Rudra Ramtekar plays Narendra Modi as a child, and Vikas Mahante plays him as an adult. Sikandar Khan portrays PM Modi’s father, Damodardas Modi; Shanti Devi Aggrawal characterizes his mother, Hiraba, Gunjan Ramtekar is depicted as Modi ji’s sister, and D.A Chaugule is respected as the central minister.

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