If match-fixing is criminalized, the majority of PCB officials would be in jail: Rashid Latif.

He also stated that it would be very controversial for him to reveal details in the company.


Published – 30. April 2020. 11:38 a.m. update – 30. April 2020 11:38 a.m.


Rashid Latif Rashid Latif. (source: Twitter)

Since the Umar PCB Akmal was banned for three years, the issue of restoring wildlife is back on the table. Some former cricketers came and said that reparations in Pakistan should be criminalized. Many agreed, but former Pakistani captain Rashid Latif had a different point of view.

He explained that there have been cases of manipulation of compliance requests in the past and also argued that most CSR officials would be punished if compliance were criminalised in Pakistan. The first player also stated that with regard to the game, the authorities can do whatever they want to correct the requests.

There is a history of manipulating research reports to correct coincidences. The authorities can do whatever they want. So it’s about creating new rules, making it a crime. Most PCB officers are seen behind bars when it becomes a criminal offence.  Then we’ll know who’s really corrupt. Latif was quoted by the Pakistani Cricket.

This will be a big debate in Pakistan, says Rashid Latif.

Rashid Latif asked about the time of some players who reported their case. He said he had videos from the past and also said that there could be a lot of people who did not mention the correction of the case and denied the details and said this would cause a stir in the country.

Players called by people like Mohammad Irfan and Mohammad Nawaz, do you know when they reported such cases and why? How many of these have not yet been reported? I also have video from the past. I don’t want to go into details because this is going to cause a very big controversy in Pakistan, said a 51-year-old boy.

The ex-recoroner also said that people are wrong. Then he mentioned a couple of dates and said nobody really knew how it went behind the scenes.

Everybody’s being misled. Is it because most people don’t know what happened on the night of 8:00. February 2017 or what happened during the race on the 9th. February was marked by the delivery of their phones to Pakistan and the 12th. Since the opening of the statement on 17 February. February is accepted? How did you clean the bats and their pens? added Rashid Latif.