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Actress Olga Kurilenko said she had fully recovered after being diagnosed with a coronavirus.

Hollywood Update: 23. March 2020 14:28 ECT

Olga Kurilenko says she now spends more time with her son.

Actress Olga Kurilenko has shown that she has now fully recovered from the positive results of the corona virus tests.

A Ukrainian woman known for her participation in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace sent a message to her disciples via her Instagram email on Sunday to report her illness before declaring that she was now free of the virus.

On the pole was a picture of her pushing her son in front of a masked fireplace.

I’m fully recovered. To rephrase: For a week I felt very bad and most of the time I was bedridden, asleep, had a high fever and severe headache. The fever disappeared in the second week, but there was a slight cough and I felt very tired. By the end of the second week I felt completely normal. The cough is almost gone, although I still cough in the morning, but then it disappears all day long! Olga called.

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Olga says she’s using her time now to spend time with her son. I’m fine! I’m fine! And now I use this time to think about a lot of things and spend time with my son, Kurilenko concluded.

The 16th. In March, the star of Quantum Comfort joined the growing list of international celebrities diagnosed with COVID-19.


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