Gervonta Davis Reveals Why Leo Santa Cruz and Ryan Garcia Called Him Out


Gervonte Davis is on his way to two PPV fights in 2020, if the sport can get back in time, and he knows why Leo Santa Cruz and Ryan Garcia are so eager to fight it.

Gervonte Tank Davis is one of the most promising young fighters in boxing, and he has all kinds of upcoming paid sports stars. That’s why his name can be found in almost every light, super-tumorous mouth. It is invincible, controversial and very popular with young people. That makes him a cash cow.

Gervonte reveals why Leo Santa Cruz and Ryan Garcia want to fight him.

Leo Santa Cruz and Ryan Garcia, two future rivals, have already signed up for this year’s game against Davis. Santa Cruz and Davis have called Davis several times and seem to have gotten their wish.

In fact, Davis said, the battles with Santa Cruz and Garcia have already been agreed, and it is simply a matter of allowing the sport to continue while the world is in the corona virus.

I recently spoke to Davis who said he knew why Santa Cruz and Garcia called him.

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Santa Cruz’s ability to age, record and print

Leo Santa Cruz

Leo Santa Cruz is next in line for Gervonte Davis.

Santa Cruz 31-1-1, his career is 19 KO, but he has not yet established himself as a household. Fans of hard boxing know exactly who the WBA’s cute heavyweight champion is, but there is another level of glory when it comes to boxing.

When casual fans know and name a fighter by name, it shows its exceptional level and appeal. Floyd [Mayweather], Manny [Pacquiao] and Canelo [Alvarez] are just a few examples. In boxing, a bad reputation often determines who is on the A-side in the negotiations and who collects the largest cheque.

Davis is approaching that next level, but Santa Cruz is far away because he is six years older. However, if he can fight and defeat Davis, his status in the sport will increase, and win or lose – he will receive the highest salary of his career.

Ryan Garcia – Rising Star, but…

Ryan Garcia

Getty Ryan Garcia would have already confirmed a meeting with Gervonte Davis.

Garcia, like Davis, has superstar potential. He’s only 21, has a Hollywood look and a ball crumbling with a left hook. As a Mexican-American fighter whose career is led by Oscar De La Hoya, Garcia could become one of the biggest boxing stars in the next three or four years. However, Garcia’s star is a few steps behind Davis, but a victory over him could lead to an overload.

Davis referred to specific benchmarks in Garcia’s promotional agreement with his promoter Golden Boy Promotions, which indicate that the promoter must generate a PPV hit with a certain amount of purchases in order to be eligible for the incentive.

Davis thinks he’s the only fighter in Garcia’s weight class who can hit the numbers Garcia wants.

When is Gervonte Davis going to fight Leo Santa Cruz?

According to Davis, the fight with Santa Cruz was tentatively scheduled for June, but again no one knows for sure when the boxing match will resume, so these details are pretty sketchy.

However, we know that the promoters want to promote the fight for at least 90 days, and this will be the first fight between Davis and Santa Cruz once the sport is back.


When will Gervonte Davis fight Ryan Garcia?

Davis said that the fight with Garcia is also over, and depending on when he meets Santa Cruz, that could happen before the end of 2020.

Garcia expects another fight, but if all goes according to plan, Davis will have two big battles with the Mexican stars this year.