DC’s Sweet Tooth Series is coming to Netflix by producer Robert Downey Jr.

Robert Downey Jr. has completed his work with the Avengers: Last year’s finals. And it was the worst movie ever. Now he changes alliances and goes to the DC warehouse for a new Netflix series called Sweet Tooth. He’s not really gonna be on a new TV show. Instead, he will produce with his wife.

Human-animal hybrids travel through a post-apocalyptic paradise in Sweet Tooth, the new Netflix series based on DC characters. The eight-part series was created by Robert Downey Jr. van Downey, Susan Downey and Amanda Burrell.

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Sweet Teeth is from Team Downey and Warner Bros. Television. It has been developed by Executive Producer/Director Jim Michael, and Beth Schwartz (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, DC) has been developed by the Executive Producer and Co-Broadcaster.

Sweet Tooth is a large and attractive family adventure, half deer, half boy, who leaves his home in the woods to discover that the outside world has been ruined by a catastrophic event. Looking for answers to this new world and the mystery of its hybrid origins, he joins a family of rags made up of humans and hybrids of animals and children like him.

The series consists of eight one-hour episodes in the first season. The stars of the show: Christian Convery (Handsome Boy, Tiger Rebellion, Fire Play), Nonso Anosy (Laundry, Zoo, Throne Play), Adel Akhtar (Les Misérables, Victoria and Abdul, Sick) and Will Forte (Last Man on Earth, Live on Saturday Night), James Brolin (Life in Plays, The Horror from Amitiville, Western World) as narrator voice.

Executive Producer / Writer / Director / Co-Broadcaster – Jim Michael (Hap and Leonard, In the Shadow of the Moon, Cold in July). He is assisted by executive producer/writer/co-hostess Beth Schwartz (Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow DC, the television group Generaldeal Warner Bros.).

The executive producers on the team are Robert Downey Jr., Susan Downey and Amanda Burrell and Linda Moran. Produced by Evan Moore of the Downey team. Studio after series – Team Downey in collaboration with Warner Bros. The animation project is based on characters Jeff Lemire created for DC.

Robert Downey Jr. is no stranger to the traits of superheroes and comedians. He played Iron Man for over ten years. This will be the first time an actor, often known as Marvel, is working on DC Comics. Although at the moment this is only happening behind the scenes. Robert Downey Jr. and his Team Downey family will also work exclusively on Netflix for the first time. RDJ was last seen on the big screen in January in the Dolittle, which didn’t get much criticism, but found a nice niche in the family market. Downey seems to have the intention to continue the tradition of family entertainment with Sweet Tooth.

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