Beating corona blues with greenery: Celebs host garden parties with kids – bollywood

In a context of fear of Covid-19, the period of seclusion at home helps family members to communicate with each other. Many have spoken about it in the social media, and to raise this level, celebrities also work in the garden to teach their children about nature.

Actor Shruti Seth Aslam shares that his daughter Alina loves plants and even wishes her good morning and good night. One day, while working in the garden as part of her school activities, she was excited to see small plants grow from the seeds she had sown. Now that we’re doing it together, I can see how happy she is to talk to plants and flowers. She likes to pick peppers and lemons from our balcony garden, she says.

Aslam Alina, the daughter of actor Shruti Seth, in his garden…

Actor Saif Ali Khan and his son Taymur, actor Arjun Bijelani and his son Ayan, actors Tijai Sidhu and Karanvir Bohra and their twin daughters Bella and Vienna went gardening.

Sidhu shares: Unlike my mother’s house in Vancouver, Canada, which has a huge garden, Mumbai lacks space. Besides, we don’t have much time. But now watering and cleaning plants is part of our daily morning routine. We want our children to stay close to Mother Earth and understand their responsibility for her.

Actor Arjun Bielani and his son Ayan show their talents as gardeners.

Bijlani is also related to Ayan because of his garden work. Normally Neha (his wife) takes care of our plants, but now that I’m home, Ayan and I help her. His favorite part of gardening is digging, he says.

Author Twinkle Hannah was happy to have planted the love of gardening in the hearts of her children. In an article she tells how they accepted help with the harvest in their garden on the Ceylonplein.

Salman Khan and his cousin Ahil.

Recently a video of Uncle Salman Khan picking toffees was shown. The boy is also involved in such activities with his father, the actor Ayush Sharma. Now, we live on our farm, Panwell, and I take him to pick fruits and vegetables… One evening we sat by the pool and Achilles looked up and early: There are so many stars. Why can’t we see her every day? It reveals its charm.