As Ridley Scott works on Gladiator 2 Script, Producer Wonders If Worthy Endeavor

The prospect of a continuation of the extremely popular gladiator epic with swords and scandals has been in the background for years. According to producer Doug Vick, the reason for the delay is largely due to the death of the protagonist Russell Crowe, Maximus, at the end of the film, which made the story a real creative battle for Gladiator 2.

As in any good film, the gladiator works with his teeth on his skin, and this action film ends with what is folded that way, making the best of what the audience adheres to, but it is really hard to make it fresh in a new incarnation. And, of course, the leading man is dead. When you act like The Godfather, you say: Okay, the audience loves those stars in that locker room, and you bring the old team back.

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Apart from the question of how to continue the story, there were problems with the conflict planning and with those who participated in the original contribution without wanting to make a later part to make the headlines. However, Vic confirms that everyone is interested in coming back, including director Ridley Scott.

Ridley would love to do that. It’s about getting something on paper. Everyone [compared to the original] thinks the film is too beautiful to think of exploiting it cheaply and making something that is its shadow. It’s just a very obvious creative problem to work on the script, and if we ever manage to do it… Ridley’s working on it, it’s just a matter of whether we can get him where he feels worthy. It’s a real challenge.

It has been reported in the past that Scott’s original plan for the sequel was very different from the first film, with the idea of somehow bringing back to life the intrepid commander Russell Crowe, who turned into gladiator Maxim Decim Meridius. This would imply a movement in the direction of fantasy and involve Maximus in the struggle to find his way through different periods of history. Although this seems like a massive departure from the more justified first film, it is a very fascinating idea that surpasses with pride the list of films we would like to see.

Over time, Scott’s plans to continue the gladiator story instead of passing Maximus and focusing on the character of Connie Nielsen – Lucille’s son, Lucius – were shattered. At the time of the events of the first Gladiator, Lucius was still a boy played by Spencer Clark, so it makes sense that Gladiator 2 moves forward in time. One of the latest updates of the film, kindly provided by producer Walter F. Parks, is that the plan for the sequel is to make history in 30 years… Twenty-five years later, it’s definitely traceable.

In the end, Vic kept making jokes about one of the ways Maximus came back. An idea that came from Russell Crowe’s biggest star.

Agent Russell called me after the weekend and told me I had a great idea. They bring the body to the corner of the arena, Russell takes him on the stretcher and says: Hey, it worked and they got high. That would be the beginning of the next movie. He pretended it was a fake death so Russell could go back and do it.

Sounds crazy enough to work. He appeared to us.

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