11 Hacker Ways To Hack Facebook Account Without Password

“How to Hack Facebook?” is just one of one of the most browsed concerns on the web. A number of us terribly intend to hack right into a person’s Facebook account however certainly that’s not a simple task, at the very least for a beginner.

There are lots of web sites on the web where you can locate a range of devices as well as approaches on hacking Facebook however a lot of them are phony et cetera of them require technological competence. Please beware of hacking devices, a lot of the devices really hack your Facebook account rather than the target customer.

If a person has the ability to hack Facebook account, it implies they have an account requisition protection susceptability influencing FB. They can offer it to an underground market unlawfully for numerous bucks. They can obtain immediate popularity as well as countless bucks in incentive if they report the susceptability lawfully via insect bounty program.

What do they manage sharing the approach online, that also free of charge? What do they obtain for producing a cost-free device/ software program based upon it? Definitely ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

So the totally free hacking devices you see on the web are all phony. Do not squander your valuable time browsing such hack devices.

If all the FB hacking approaches require technological competence, after that exactly how come a multitude of individuals obtain their account hacked?

There are some approaches like Phishing that can be quickly done by utilizing the sources offered on the web. You can discover more concerning such Facebook hacking approaches.

Likewise, see why Facebook compensated me $10,000 USD for hacking Facebook mobile application’s exclusive images utilizing a safety susceptability.

A burglar may not constantly utilize your entrance to go into house. Similarly, a cyberpunk might not require your password in all the moment to hack your Facebook account. Really, a lot of the moment a password is not needed for a cyberpunk to hack your Facebook account. Seems odd? It would certainly unless you are a cyberpunk

Cyberpunks are not illusionists to make use of techniques to obtain the program done. They do it in a tough means. They invest night and day investigating to locate a safety susceptability influencing Facebook. Hacking an account isn’t tough once they have a susceptability.

We are mosting likely to cover some Facebook hacking methods uncovered on insect bounty program that might have allow any individual hack right into any type of FB account WITHOUT PASSWORD. Please keep in mind that all the approaches noted below are covered by the Facebook group as well as it no more functions. However you will certainly obtain a keynote of exactly how cyberpunks might hack an account without understanding the real password. Examine the web link positioned in each approach if you intend to check out even more information.

1. Hack any type of Facebook account with a mobile SMS

This susceptability might permit a customer to hack FB account quickly in a portion of secs. All you require is an energetic mobile number. This problem existed in validate mobile number endpoint where customers validate their mobile number.

Implementation of this susceptability is extremely easy. We ought to send out a message in the adhering to style.

FBOOK to 32665 (for the United States)

You ought to get a shortcode. After that, a demand to the FB web server with the target customer ID, shortcode, as well as a couple of various other specifications might do the magic.

Example Demand

Message/ ajax/settings/mobile/ confirm_phone. php
Host: www.facebook.com

profile_id = & code = & other_boring_parameters

That’s it. Sending this demand to Facebook web server with any type of customer cookies can hack the target account. Your mobile number will certainly be connected to the target customer’s FB account when you obtain a feedback from the FB web server. Currently you can start a password reset demand utilizing the mobile number as well as hack right into the target account quickly.

This susceptability was discovered by Jack in2013 FB protection group covered the problem rather rapidly as well as compensated him $20,000 USD as a component of their bounty program.

2. Hack any type of Facebook account utilizing Strength Strike

This strength susceptability brings about finish FB account requisition which was discovered by Anand in2016 Facebook compensated him $15,000 as a component of their insect bounty program.

This problem discovered on reset password endpoint of Facebook. Whenever an individual neglects his password, he/she can reset their password utilizing this alternative by going into his/her contact number or e-mail address.

A 6 figure code will certainly be sent out to the customer to validate whether the demand is made by the worried individual. The customer can after that reset their password by going into the 6 figure confirmation code.

One can not attempt various mixes of the code greater than 10 to 12 tries given that the FB web server will certainly obstruct the represent password reset briefly.

Anand discovered that mbasic.facebook.com as well as beta.facebook.com fell short to do the strength recognition therefore enabling an aggressor to attempt all the opportunities of the six-digit code.

Example Demand

Message/ recover/as/code/
Host: mbasic.facebook.com

n = & other_boring_parameters

Attempting all the opportunities (strength) of the six-digit specification (n =123456) permits an aggressor to establish a brand-new password for any type of FB customer. This can be accomplished by any type of strength device offered online.

Facebook repaired this susceptability by putting restrictions on the variety of efforts one can implement on the reset code endpoint.

3. Hacking any type of Facebook account utilizing Strength Strike– 2

Arun discovered the exact same strength susceptability in an additional subdomain (lookaside.facebook.com) of Facebook that had actually obtained him $10,000 incentive from Facebook in 2016.

At first, they turned down the insect by stating that they are not able to recreate it. The susceptability was approved just after a couple of weeks time as well as the spot was presented as quickly as their protection group had the ability to recreate the problem.

And also the example demand resembles this

Message/ recover/as/code/
Host: lookaside.facebook.com

n = & other_boring_parameters

The assault situation is specifically the exact same that we have actually seen in the previous approach as well as the only distinction is the domain.

4. Hacking any type of Facebook account utilizing a Cross Website Demand Bogus Strike

This approach calls for the sufferer to check out an internet site web link (in a web browser where the sufferer ought to be logged right into Facebook) to finish the hacking assault.

For those of you that do not learn about CSRF assaults, checked out it below.

The problem existed in asserting e-mail address endpoint of Facebook. When an individual asserts an e-mail address, there was no server-side recognition done of which customer is making the demand therefore it permits an e-mail to be declared on any type of FB account.

You require to obtain the e-mail case LINK prior to develop a CSRF assault web page. For that, attempt to transform your e-mail address to an e-mail address that is currently made use of for a FB account. After that you will certainly be asked to assert the e-mail if that comes from you.

A popup with case switch ought to reroute you to the LINK we require when we click the case switch.

LINK must appear like


You have actually obtained the LINK. The last point we need to do is to develop a web page to place the LINK in an iframe as well as send it to the sufferer.

The e-mail address will certainly be connected to the sufferer's Facebook account when he/she browses to the LINK. That's it. You can currently hack sufferer's Facebook account via reset password alternative.

This CSRF account requisition susceptability was discovered by Dan Melamed in 2013 as well as was covered right away by FB protection group.

5. Hack any type of Facebook account utilizing CSRF-- 2

This hacking method resembles the previous one where the sufferer requires to check out the aggressor internet site for the assault to function.

This susceptability was discovered in call importer endpoint. When an individual accepts Facebook to gain access to Microsoft Expectation's call publication, a demand to FB web server is made that subsequently includes the e-mail to the corresponding Facebook account.

One can do this by Locate calls alternative in the aggressor Facebook account. After that you ought to locate the adhering to demand made to FB web server (usage obstructing proxy like burp)


The exact same OBTAIN demand can be made use of to perfrom the CSRF assault. All you need to do is to install the LINK in an iframe in the assault web page as well as share the relate to the sufferer.

Sufferer's account can be hacked as quickly as the sufferer goes to the assault web page.

This insect was discovered by Josip on 2013 as well as covered by FB protection group.

6. Hacking any type of activities on Facebook account-- A CSRF Bypass

This CSRF susceptability permits the aggressor to take control of the account entirely as well as likewise it has the capability to do any type of activities like liking web page, publishing a picture, etc. on the sufferer's Facebook account anonymously without hacking right into the account.

This problem existed in the advertisements supervisor endpoint. The example account take control of CSRF demand appear like this

MESSAGE/ ads/manage/home/? show_dialog_uri=/ settings/email/add/ send/? new_email =

All the aggressor needs to do is to craft a CSRF web page with a kind to car send the article demand in an iframe when the sufferer arrive at the web page. The aggressor's e-mail will certainly be included in the sufferer's account anonymously.

After that the aggressor can hack right into sufferer's Facebook account by resetting the password.

This was discovered by Pouya Darabai in 2015 as well as obtained a bounty of $15,000 via Facebook insect bounty program.

7. Hack any type of Facebook web page without being an admin

This Facebook web page hacking approach was discovered by Arun in 2016 as well as has actually obtained a benefit of $16,000 USD for it.

Manager endpoint made use of to designate a companion was at risk in this instance. Transforming the companion company possession ID specification to a web page ID permitted Arun to hack right into any type of web page.

Example Demand

MESSAGE/ business_share/ asset_to_agency/
Host: business.facebook.com

parent_business_id = & agency_id = & asset_id =

Organisation ID specification ought to be designated to the aggressor's company ID as well as possession ID specification ought to be changed with the target Facebook web page ID.

That is it. Currently the target web page ought to be had by the company. The aggressor can eliminate the existing web page admins to entirely take control of the Facebook web page.

8. Hacking Facebook customer's Personal Pictures

This exclusive images susceptability was discovered by me in 2015 as well as obtained a benefit of $10,000 as a component of their bounty program.

What do I indicate by Personal images to begin with? The images that you have in mobile as well as not released to Facebook those are the ones I indicate when I claim exclusive images.

The mobile application has a default attribute called syncing mobile images. Remarkably this attribute was switched on by default in some smart phones.

This attribute publishes your mobile images to FB web server however maintains it exclusive up until you by hand release it to Facebook.

A Susceptability in an endpoint managing these exclusive images permits any type of 3rd party application to view/access customer's exclusive images. For this assault to function, the 3rd party application have to have accessibility to customer's public images, just after that it can access the exclusive images.

Example demand to Chart API to access the exclusive images of sufferer resembles this

OBTAIN/ me/vaultimages
Host: graph.facebook.com

access_token =

That's it. The feedback from the API endpoint ought to have the Links to exclusive images of the sufferer.

Facebook covered the problem by whitelisting the applications that can access vaultimages endpoint.

9. Hacking any type of Facebook customer's Photos

Arul Kumar discovered a means to erase any type of image on Facebook in 2013 as well as they compensated him $12,500 for his initiatives.

Facebook has an attribute to report image to the proprietor if a person intend to obtain the image eliminated. The proprietor of the image obtains a notice as well as a web link to erase the image when reported by a person.

Arul discovered that the assistance control panel image reporting attribute had not been verifying the proprietor IDs effectively therefore it permitted him to change the proprietor ID specification with his very own Facebook account ID to obtain the image removal web link straight.

After that the aggressor can erase the image with the assistance of gotten web link from the make use of. The most awful component concerning this assault is that the sufferer will not recognize the image was removed. This susceptability is entirely taken care of currently.

10 Hack any type of Facebook customer's photo/video Cds

This susceptability was discovered by me in 2015 that permitted me to remove any type of cds on Facebook. Cds with countless images as well as video clips can be removed quickly without the communication of its proprietor.

Chart API is the key means of interaction in between the web server as well as native/third celebration applications. Cds node of Chart API endpoint was at risk to unconfident things recommendation therefore it permitted me to release any type of customer's cd ID to refine the removal.

An example demand to erase any type of Facebook image cd

Host: www.facebook.com

access_token = & approach= erase

This might erase the cd defined in the ID specification. The aggressor must have the consent to check out the cd to finish the assault. Facebook covered this problem by taking care of the endpoint to just permit customers with opportunities as well as compensated me $12,500 USD for reporting the susceptability.

11 Hack any type of Facebook video clips

Pranav discovered a susceptability that permitted him to erase any type of Facebook video clips without concent consents.

Facebook has a choice to include video clip to talk about any type of article. Pranav discovered that connecting existing video clips to a remark is feasible as well as removing the remark might allow us erase the resource video clip quickly.

So the aggressor must attempt to modify a current discuss a blog post with the a person's Facebook video clip ID via the adhering to chart API demand.

MESSAGE// comments?attachment _ id =
Host: graph.facebook.com

The target video clip ought to be included in the remark. Currently the aggressor needs to erase the remark to erase the resource video clip. The video clip must be removed in couple of secs as quickly as the remark is removed.